In Leonor&Sofia children and children's haute couture are our passion and are born from my own history.

I am Maria Luisa del Yerro and since I was a child I have been attracted to the world of “rags” and their textures, to the point of trying to make myself a dress or two. I would take one of the many scraps my mother had, imagine what the dress looked like, try to shape it, stitch it up, stitch it down… but the result was never what I expected, imagine the disaster! After several attempts, my childish spirit chose to translate those ideas into drawings, I started to draw complete outfits that I shared especially with my sister Min, I remember how she became my first and best fan; she loved to see them and encouraged me to develop this creative vein.

When I started with this business idea, Leonor & Sofia was born, there were several months of doubts, questions and sleepless nights. I was leaving my job in the commercial area of a company and there would be a new door. I did not move away from what was my professional world and my passion: children and children’s fashion. With a small team, very small, I set out to create what I always wanted as my world. To contribute ideas, to generate illusions, to get smiles, to grow as friends and we are achieving it.

Vestidos de primera comunión
Vestidos de primera comunión
Vestidos de primera comunión

Today, I want to share with you the experience of Leonor & Sofia’s team, and something more, to share our daily joys.

My goal is to make your dreams come true and the illusions of our small clients who build their future with their experiences of today. Dressing with delicacy those special occasions, those magical moments, helping you to take care of the details to make it a happy and unforgettable day.

From this space we will send you our world that is being created with your contributions.

We will try to bring something new and grow this “meeting point” to leave you with a sweet and fresh feeling.

The Leonor & Sofia team would like to welcome you.


In our Atelier we have a timeless collection of First Communion dresses and suits of different styles. We work in a handcrafted and personalized way.

We are located in Madrid and we also dress boys and girls from all over the world for their big day.

If this is your case and you are not in Madrid, we invite you to design the first communion dress of your dreams.

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